Pittsburgh SEO – What Can I Expect?

As a consumer or client of a search engine optimization company you’re probably concerned with what results you’ll get by having this service performed on your website. And as a customer there is nothing wrong with being concerned about what type of results you’ll get. Although with most experienced well trained search engine marketers you shouldn’t have to worry about the results, just look carefully to find a quality company.

You might also be concerned with SEO in Pittsburgh specifically and what the return on investment in the Pittsburgh area is. After performing quote a lot of research on this area specifically I’ve found that many website in this area have not had optimization work done on them. This give you a huge advantage – making it easier for your site to be better ranked. As well it’s bee reported that Pittsburgh is one of the fastest growing Internet usage areas in the US. That you can get lots of targeted people finding your product or service. And in many cases you’ll received a few inquired a day for services or products you provide from a well optimized website.

Now lets go into more details, results from optimizing a website for better search placement in the natural or organic search results (as it’s often called because you’re not purchasing ad space or something) mainly depends on the knowledge and skill of the SEO company. And here in Pittsburgh there are not a ton of SEO firms to pick from as compared to other areas in the US. So the best thing to do is check out their portfolio. Do they get results? What kind of results do they get? Are they doing anything that could eventually get your site banned from Google or other search engines? pittsburgh seo company

These are all questions you should get answered before taking on any optimization company as your search marketer. Getting all the data on them is well worth the time you put in and will show directly in the results you get. A good search optimization firm will give you at least a few good examples of sites they have done well with and give you an overview of what you can expect from them.

Look before you leap!!! Again it’s important that you look into the practices this company or firm uses to increase the rankings of your website. You might not know what are good or poor practices yourself if you’re not a guru but I’ve outlined a few things you can look for.

1. Do they submit your website to hundred’s of search engines? If their doing this practice it doesn’t sound like a quality strategy as most of the smaller search engines are partners with the big ones like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live Search). And they usually share search data with their smaller partners. Therefore submitting your site to them again – since they’ll already have the site in their database would be overkill and could look like spam to them and thus they might block your site or not rank it well.

2. Are they going to place hidden text or hide other things on your website? This is a big “NO.. NO..” in optimization. This is a call for penalization or getting banned in many search engines. In fact this is totally against Google’s quality guidelines – which it uses to determine if a site is acceptable to be in their search engine and where it should rank.

3. Are they going to get you a ton of non-related links to your website? In many search engines having tons of non-related links to your website is not going to get you ranked higher. Most search engines look at who is linking to your site as a factor in where you should end up in there search results. And if they see you have a lot of diss-related links they may be less likely to believe your site is a creditable source for a specific search term and thus lowering your possible ranking.


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