Eating and Fun in Rome

A trip to Rome, Italy is well-worth your time. And if you are going to Rome you’ll want all the inside tips to ensure you maximize your time and money. It doesn’t matter if you are making the trip by yourself, as a couple, or with the family in tow, we have you covered. I gathered the best tips from our members on seeing the top sites, getting the most for your dollar (or Euro) and where to get the best food to satisfy any appetite.

Your vacation simply won’t be complete unless you see the Colosseum. No matter what you have heard or what pictures you have seen, the Colosseum will simply astound you. Coming upon it you can feel the energy and the strong cultural stories it can tell. It is a masterpiece of design lasting centuries highlighting how advanced this culture was. It was the gathering place for its day holding great theatre performances, gladiator fighting, and chariot races.

And once you arrive you’ll see that everyone and their uncle has the same idea. Members shared a wonderful time saver. I will share that with you. Ready? Buy the Rome Archeologia Card which costs 20 euros and will gain you entrance to a number of archeological sites including the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Baths of Caracalla, the National Museum of Rome, etc. You can buy this ticket at any of these sites all of which have a shorter line (most likely, no line) than the Colosseum, then just bypass the line as above. It’s valid for 7 days. 먹튀검증사이트

Time to see Michelangelo’s work (and I don’t mean the Ninja Turtle, I mean the artist) at the Sistine Chapel. It is fantastic. I studied art in college but there was no picture that could do it justice; not even close. The doors open at nine but you’ll need to get there at least an hour early. It is so crowded that it can ruin your time if you let it, but don’t. It’s very touristy but it is amazing. We suggest you bring a pair of binoculars to view the art up close especially “Creation” by Michelangelo. You can by-pass the line by pre-purchasing museum tickets ($14 Euros) online at the website. If you don’t want to pre-purchase tickets but don’t want to wait in the line, just show up after noon. The line is very short or non-existent after lunch. I suggest you buy a book on the Vatican beforehand even if you are getting a tour. It is overwhelming and you won’t know what you are looking at. Check the website for operating hours. Great tip to know is that on the last Sunday of the month the museum is open with free admission.

You didn’t go to Italy just for museums, you went to eat the best food. At least I did. And you have to eat the pizza and gelato when in Rome. If you don’t like pizza, stop reading. For pizza, members recommended 2 places above the rest. The first is “Dino and Tony’s Hostaria”. Not only is the pizza amazing but the experience is great too. Members said the restaurant is always packed but that you are seated quickly. Several members claimed that the owners Dino or Tony arrived to welcome them and take their order and help choose dishes especially for them in person. The second place is “Porta Castella” which many felt was the quintessential Italian experience and the best pizza in Rome. The pizza has delicious thin crust, simple toppings and fantastic flavors. Members raved about the personal service from the staff and flavorful food.

For dessert, it’s gelato time. Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream but much more health conscious. It’s a much healthier version and if prepared correctly, the flavor is far superior. Gelato is like a fine art in Italy. Members thought “Fior di Luna” was the best. The secret to the flavor lies in not only in the fresh fruits but also where they manage to get these ingredients. One member said he could clearly see in the back kitchen and noticed delivery of fresh fruits used to make the fruit-based flavors. Oh wow, doesn’t that sound delicious right about now? In addition to the favorite fresh fruit flavors such as peach, lemon, and strawberry – you well may find melon, licorice and an odd flavor but very flavorful fig gelato.

In closing, Rome is a wonderful destination for families or couples each year. And by sharing the experiences of those that have been there you will save yourself time and money. Rome is a wonderful cultural experience rich in history, art, and delicious food. Whether you stay in a hotel room or trade your timeshare with or Interval World, it doesn’t matter. As long as you get to Italy soon to enjoy all that this rich city has to offer, you’ll have great stories to share for a lifetime.


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