7 Completely Free Date Ideas

1. Memory Lane
Peruse your old photo albums and take your partner on a trip down memory lane! It’s a brilliant conversation starter for long time couples and early bird daters. Pack the experience in with hot chocolate or snacks and you’ve got yourself an amazing fun filled date night full of conversation, laughter and joy.

2. Surf, Sun and Sand Castles
Beach bound on a summer’s day. Pack up the car for necessities to keep you both amused. Swimsuit, novel, sunscreen and towels – grab some small buckets and spades and head to the beach for the afternoon! Splash, relax and try your hand at some sand art! Build a huge castle, a mermaid, a turtle… get imaginative. Then let some little kid run straight through it!

3. Be in a TV audience
Easy – although you may be on a waiting list… tickets are usually free! Find out if any live audience stuff is filmed in your city and apply online for tickets. If you pick up tickets to a gameshow, Chess tournaments calendar you may go home with prize money!

4. Go for a jog, a bike ride or a nature walk together!
Slip on your sweats and immerse yourself in nature! A historic part of town is always a good option too.
The exercise will get your endorphins flowing.

5. Fireworks
Remember, its the significant days in history or special events that bring out fireworks. Check your calendar or local council to see what is on this month… (usually holidays, special occasions, fairs…) head on down with a rug and spread out under the stars and the fireworks display… so romantic!

6. Board Games / Jigsaw Puzzle
Bring out the trusty games of monopoly/chess/twister set and spend a quiet afternoon playing board games. Alternatively, grab yourself a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and work your way through the image.

7. Model for a Day
Get yourself looking good – hair, make-up and your favourite clothes then head out to town with your digital camera and take happy snaps. Don’t be shy – work it baby! People in the city don’t care – they’ve got their own agenda or are wishing they were doing the same thing themselves. You’ll come out with some amazing shots!


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