Employee Mentoring – Share Your Experiences and Knowledge With Your Employees

In the corporate world, company find solutions to successfully run their affairs. There are many ways in which a company tries to improve the performance of its employees thereby increasing productivity. The success of a business depends on the efficiency of its employees. Ultimately the business is run by these people. Hence special care has to be taken regarding the areas of improvement in this field. A business is run successfully by having highly motivated employees to work for.

One of the effective ways of motivating the employees is employee mentoring. It enables the employees of the company to improve their performance. There are various programs that are conducted within the company or outside the company for the employee mentoring. It has various stages wherein the employees find out about their strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement etc. These points can then be implemented within the company.

Employee mentoring can be long term as well as short term. This is done mostly to find out the potential of an employee to work within the company for taking additional responsibilities. This way, Mentor the company can save on the monetary terms of recruiting resources from outside and then training them. This is a chance for the employees to understand the opportunities and the abilities that exist within the company for growth. The mentor has to be an efficient person with all the required qualities.

A special program can be designed keeping into mind the objective of the mentoring program and also the desired results. This is mostly done to motivate the employees to stay within the company and also to opt for additional responsibilities. Employee mentoring can be done formally as well as it can be informal. Informal mentoring is when the mentoring is done spontaneously amongst the senior and junior employees. Formal mentoring takes place through a special program. A mentor has to be an expert himself and always think for the employee in a professional manner and find scope for his career and growth. A mentor should always maintain discipline as it could prove to be of great help in toning up the employee perfectly.

Role and Responsibilities of a Mentor

– A mentor should always encourage his employees.
– He should teach advice and counsel his employee but also behave in a friendly way.
– Lay right models, give updated information, ask questions, listen and support the employees.
– Accept suggestions, throw challenges and probe.
– Stand by your employees, be a support.
– Share confidential matters related to work.
– Meet the employees on regular basis and exchange feedback.
– Impart your knowledge with the employee.

Employee mentoring is a challenging job which needs to be accomplished by using a thorough professional method. A mentor must give maximum space and opportunity of growth and development to the employee. He should maintain the right balance and objectivity. He should help the employee to explore his talent and express his wit. Let him talk, acknowledge his talent. With proper guidance, monitoring and appropriate feedback you are sure to achieve the desired results of employee mentoring.


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