Lord of the Sky – Eagles at Nature Captured

Seemingly larger than life, thereloadershouse for centuries we are inspired by the fascinating bird of prey, the Eagle also famously known as the ‘lions of the sky’. Often on national representations like flag, currency, emblems etc, eagles are considered as live symbols of freedom, power and supremacy. There are various legends and myths about the eagles that differ from place to place. But undoubtedly they are stories of heroism, inspiration and amazement.

There are of about 60 species of eagles , ammunitionscenter mostly found in Eurasia and Africa. Only two species are found in the USA and Canada; nine in Central America and three in Australia. With stream lined body design, large powerful hooked beaks, sharp eyesight, aerodynamic body build, strong muscular talons, sharp four fingered claws, long evenly broad wings. A perfect flying killing machine designed by the fingerprints of God. Though it may seem that the eagle is an enormous hunter soaring above wide spaces with outsize wings. Indeed they are world’s largest birds of prey. The eagles feeds on small animals, บาคาร่าออนไลน์ snakes, fishes, small reptiles and rodents, frogs, sometimes a vegetarian diet like fruits, or sometimes when food is scarce they do hunt a bit larger animals like monkeys. Its also found that eagles even eat turtles, water birds or even flamingos. Depending on the type of eagle they are built that fits their hunting requirements.

Eagles display a fabulous aerial display to attract a mate. The soaring eagles often take flight to great heights and would suddenly perform death-defying swoops and seemingly suicidal dogfights. This is mostly done with rivals and potential partners. The female eagles run a selection process to find the best suitable mate. She flies with a stick or branch of wood way up in the sky and drops it unexpectedly, oros.store and the male is supposed to swoop down to fetch the object. This process repeats but each time with the weight of the wood getting heavier and height of the wood dropped higher. If the mail completes the task successfully then there is another task. As the both eagles fly higher, she female eagle would suddenly lock her talons with that of the male and go for a free fall at great speeds into a death spiral. She however would let go when they are almost to hit the ground. These best-partner contests don’t apply to all species of eagles.

Eagles have very keen and sharpest vision of any animal. Normally when compared to human eye sight, an eagle can see twice as far. Their eyes are larger in proportion to their head, packed densely with sensory cells which are probably five times more than human. In addition to this, eagles can see five basic colors where as humans can see only three, thus enabling the eagles to pick out their prey even when camouflaged. skywings

Eagles share the parenting responsibility since the time of making their nest. They are known to pair for life, however if one of the partner dies, the survivor would accept a new mate. After the juveniles come into the world, the male usually does most of the hunting while the mother stays back to brood and feed the young. After the first few weeks she would join the male in the hunting. The young will fledge when they are about 70 days old. It is known that the mothers push the eaglets off the nest to teach them to fly. But then when the need be she will swoop down to save the little one. Eagles are known to live up to 25 years in the wild and maybe up to 30 years in captivity. affluentwords

Despite of such remarkable traits, the population of the eagle is dwindling due to habitat destruction, hunting and of course the pollution. Thanks to the conservation efforts the eagles are protected and their population is being restored.


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