How to Talk Dirty to a Guy With a Text Message – Trigger His Desire Through Text

What guy doesn’t like dirty talk? Men love their girlfriends to talk dirty. If knowing what to say in the bedroom makes you nervous, maybe you need to learn how to talk dirty to a guy with a text message first.

Texting lets you reach out and talk dirty without every saying a word. Dirty talk text messages can get your guy hot and bothered and have him racing home to get you in bed. The best part is, you get credit for talking dirty even though you did it in a text.

Men are very visual. So, dirty text to send your girlfriend the best messages will create a sexual picture in his mind that will instantly turn him on and wanting you like never before. That image will stay in his mind and he won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

There a several tips to help you learn to talk dirty in text:

Tip #1: Don’t Leave Out Any Details

Don’t just say, “I love it when you touch me.” Instead say, “I get weak with lust when I feel you nibble behind my ears with your mouth.”

Tip #2: Use Words To Describe What You Like

Instead of texting, “I love your strong arms,” try “I love to feel you’re your tanned, muscle bound arms pull me in close.”

Or try,

Instead of a text that says, “I love the way you kiss,” say “I love the way your warm mouth takes my tongue and gently sucks it in. I get shivers just thinking about it.”

Tip #3: Make everyday routines, sexy.

If you are shopping at Victoria Secret you may want to send your guy a text saying, “Hey sexy, I’m looking at all the the sexy lingerie and wanted to know if you think I should get the see through pink lace or the leopard print thong.”

After you get used to learning how to talk dirty to a guy through a text message it will become even easier to carry on with the sexy talk in bed. It will begin to feel more natural the more you practice. And, think of all the fun each practice session will be!


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