Two Slices of Bread: Diabetes Diet Info to Live By

Before I got diabetes, I never knew bread was such an important part of our existence. My initial talk with the nutritionist never sunk in and I’m willing to bet it hasn’t with many of you. You can live a simpler life with diabetes, infos-live you just need good diabetes diet info and a little bit of info about the “two slices of bread rule” for us diabetics. Here are some tips I wrote from my own experience:

Set your daily exercise routine: Try to think of it as your secret diabetes diet info that nobody else has. Then, it becomes a game you play with yourself. Simple rule: thirty minutes a day of your favorite cardio and muscle strengthening exercises every other day (a great tip I picked up from my trainer). Soon, thermn you might want to go beyond the thirty minutes when you get into it. You will also find yourself coming up with creative ways to do your thirty minutes (An occasional bout of Wii fit when I couldn’t do mine and exercise bands at home was something I found I liked). Take a day off weekly to keep yourself from burn out. Fluxusiptv.

Two slices of bread rule: 1 serving of carbs is approximately one slice of bread. Limit your carb selections to no more than 2 slices at a meal. If you do this, you will automatically do your carb counting without trying. Do not stack the deck against yourself by double counting (ie:counting the 2 slices of bread in your sandwich and then the potatoes). rare-chems

Weight loss the easy way: If you’ve been trying every thing under the sun and still find it hard, listen up! You didn’t gain the weight in one day so don’t try those 4-6 week fad diets that promise to take it off in a short time. Just stick to the rules of good eating and keep your meal portions small. If you are following the exercise routine I mentioned earlier, world-arms it will make this part of the program easy. 2-3 pounds a week is what you are after. Often, the tape will tell you more than the scale will so keep an eye on both. A week and a half is when I do my measurements and I even found an easy way to do both and keep it fun (Remember the Wii Fit I told you about? I use it to keep up with both measurements and it even tracks old progress so you can see where you came from). If you find yourself at a stand still, adjust the exercise up a bit and make the meals a bit smaller. You’ll get there before you know it.

Blood sugar testing and carb counting rules: Don’t specialize your meals so much that you become silly. Yes it’s good to jot stuff down, but just because you’re a diabetic doesn’t mean a totally structured existence. Just remember: good in equals good out. When I say this I mean good proteins (omega 3 fish, chicken, vegetable protein and watch the red meat), complex carbs (eat your fruit and veggies the more natural the better) and get the unsaturated fats instead of the saturated ones. Blood sugar testing should be done at regular intervals just so you can keep score and know where you are in the game. For instance, for more info visit these website :- legalroids
taxi39000 you may find your new routine regulates your blood sugar so effectively, you find your self with low blood sugar readings between meals. This means it’s time for a talk with your physician and a possible adjustment in your meds. Simpler is better and you’ll find that out in the long run.


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