PC Maintenance Software – Defragmentation

Some basic PC Maintenance Software is built into windows, one of the main programs to get familiar with is Disk Defragmenter. Hard Drives are one of the slowest things inside your computer, because they have many moving parts, things like your CPU, and Memory do not have any moving parts, and run much faster than the fastest hard drive can.

That is why you should keep your hard drive optimized, which can make your system run much faster, no matter what CPU, and memory you have in your system. Fragmentation occurs by creating and deleting files and folders, installing new software, and downloading files from the Internet.

Computers do not save an entire file or folder on a single space on the disk; https://indposts.com/ https://kaihealthlife.com/ they are saved in the first available space your hard drive can find. After a large portion of a disk has been used, most of the subsequent files and folders are saved in pieces across the entire disk. This is known as fragmentation.

When you delete files and folders, and programs, the empty spaces left behind are filled in randomly as you store new ones. This is how fragmentation occurs. The more your hard drive becomes fragmented the slower the computer’s file access and performance will become.

Defragmentation is the process of rewriting fragmented parts of a file to contiguous sectors on a disk for the purpose of increasing data read and write speeds. Because FAT and NTFS disks can deteriorate and become badly fragmented over time. Hard Drive Defragmentation is vital for optimal system performance.

For those of you who may not know how to find Disk Defragmenter, https://baskinsilk.com click your start button, under All Programs, look for the folder “Accessories”, click on the Accessories folder, and inside that folder, find a folder named ” System Tools”. This is where you will find Disk Defragmenter.

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