ASPCA Pet and Dog Insurance Review

ASPCA Dog Insurance

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a 140 year history of protecting the lives of animals, especially dogs. The ASPCA has now expanded that protection to cover the health of family dogs. Illness or injury can strike unexpectedly, and having this protection for your dog will help ensure that proper treatment and your peace of mind.

The policies written by ASPCA Dog Insurance not only help to protect your dog, but are used by the society to help animals everywhere. The ASPCA maintains the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, to provide help and information if your dog swallows poison.

ASPCA Dog Insurance has 4 levels of protection for you to choose from. They also offer Continuing Care in levels 2 to 4 if your dog needs help with long-term or chronic conditions. All information here will be based on quotes for a young, healthy dog. The most basic policy offered is the Level 1, please visit for more info:- which costs $11.00 per month. This policy covers accidents only. There is a per accident limit of $2,500 and a maximum benefit of $8,000 annually.

The next step up is Level 2, which covers not only accidents, but illnesses also. Covered at this level are prescriptions, lab tests, x-rays, illness treatment, diagnostics, surgery, and hospitalization. This policy also has a maximum yearly payout of $8,000. The Continuing Care Option is available at this level, and this policy will cost $27.22 per month.

Level 3 coverage adds wellness to the accident and illness benefits. This refers to some vaccinations (rabies, coronavirus, and distemper), spay or neuter, a physical exam, and heartworm testing. Continuing Care is available for your dog here, too. The benefits also rise, with a yearly maximum now of $11,000 and an incident benefit of $3,500. This policy will cost the dog owner $46.30 monthly.

The highest policy offered is Level 4, which covers accidents, illnesses, wellness, and also wellness plus. This level provides a dental cleaning, heartworm medicine, bordetella vaccine, and Lyme vaccine. Once again there are benefit increases as the annual benefit goes to $13,000 with an incident benefit of $5,000. The monthly cost of this policy is $77.36.

ASPCA Dog Insurance has a $100 deductible for all four levels of policy. The dog owner can choose their own veterinarian, so can deal with someone familiar and trusted. Payment is made to the veterinarian at the time of service, and then a claim is submitted to the ASPCA via email, fax, or mail. These policies will reimburse 80% of covered charges. ASPCA Dog Insurance will cover your dog anywhere in the United States or Canada.

The dog owner should be aware that there are conditions that are not covered with any of their policies, and these include (among other things) congenital disorders, hereditary diseases, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and experimental treatments. Before buying any dog insurance policy, check to see what is covered and what is not.

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