Low Tech Ways to Manage Your Time

I know everyone is in love with their Handheld organizers and smart phones. However there may come a time when you can’t rely on those wonderful gadgets to organize your time. Here are some low tech tools you can use to manage your time. These things can be backup plans in case something happens to your electronic gadgets to make them inoperable.

1. Use your paper planner.
Yes this does in fact sound really old school, please visit:- http://bassethoundbreeders.org https://esaholic.com/ but sometimes your old fashioned paper planner can be your best friend. It’s battery never dies down. All you need is a pen.

2. Use a plain old notebook.
This is even more low tech than a planner. You can use your notebook to plan meetings or write down appointments. Notebooks are also great for brainstorming your ideas for your next project. kup opinie google

3. Use your paper calendar.
I write everything in my calendar. I also have different calendars for personal and business appointments. This helps me keep everything separate.

4. Another person (think virtual assistant or personal assistant)
You should also consider adding a virtual assistant or personal assistant to your team. People in these professions are more organized than most people.

They are great tools to use to help you remember your appointments and deadlines.

There are lots of electronic devices that you can use to manage your time. However, opinie google kup it is extremely important to have a backup plan in case one of your devices gets lost, stolen or broken.

Use the tips mentioned in this article and you will have a system to help you remember all of the things you have to do.

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