Is Installing My Own Gas Boiler Illegal?

This is a question that gets asked many time, and the simple answer is YES, it is illegal to install your own gas boiler.

I understand it’s your property and you should be able to do whatever you want. I even understand that you want to keep the costs down and cut out the professional Gas Safe installer and carry out the work yourself.

The legal requirements for fitting any form of gas appliance is that it can only be carried out by someone that is Gas Safe Registered and qualified for that particular appliance.

Every gas safe engineer is issued with a gas safe identity card that displays a picture of the person in question, he will also have a unique licence number. natural gas boilers

On the front of the card will be the gas safe number and expiry date. Turn the card over and you will see what the engineer is qualified to work on, thermal oil boiler this also include the gas type, natural or LPG Gas.

Fitting your own gas boiler is not as simple as it sounds, there are many things that have to be checked out first. The gas supply may need to be updated to a larger size.

If your old boiler is over 10 years old then there is a good chance the gas supply has been run in 15m pipe, most new boiler now require a gas supply run in 22 m pipe to within 1 meter of the boiler. Technology Essays

Can the new boiler be fitted in the same location as the old one?

The condensing gas boilers have to be installed to current regulations, and the old boiler location may not conform to the current regulations, and so on.

Don’t forget gas is dangerous in the wrong hands. HP Envy x360 Price in America

All Gas safe engineers have to re-sit all their gas exams every 5 years to be able to carrying on working with gas.

A boiler that has been installed incorrectly can be life threatening, the flue if not connected correctly can leak carbon monoxide, which you cannot smell or see.

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects over 240 people and results in around 60 deaths every year in the United Kingdom.

All new gas boilers have to be installed to current Gas and Building regulations and have to be registered with the local authorities. This is a legal requirement.

Your new boiler may come with a long warranty, but if you install it yourself, the warranty may become void.

Each boiler is supplied with a benchmark book that has to be filled in by the engineer, it has to be signed and dated. Without these details most boiler manufactures will void the warranty should you ever need to call them in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can watch videos on YouTube, yes there are many to choose, on how to install your boiler the correct way, and once you have completed all the work, call in a gas safe engineer to sign it off.

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