How Good Agents Learn “Bad Habits” From Their Brokers!

I’m convinced agents learn “Bad Habits” from Brokers who refuse to teach them the correct way of handling themselves.

Many Good Agents have great intentions in closing a transaction,except they`re unable to because their Brokers are either too lazy or just don`t care to take the time and show them how!

We`re involved in 3 transactions,each agent is having problems on their side of the transaction. They`re unable to understand what needs to be done, they have no Broker to turn to, and that`s a problem!

We`re assisting them because, we`re concerned, without the proper help, these transactions won`t close.

Case #1: Ocala,Florida.

The seller hasn`t paid their mortgage in 3 months, the electricity is turned off and the seller refuses to put the electricity on. We`re unable to do an inspection,which I`ve explained to the other agent we won`t proceed,unless we check the appliances. The agent decides to pay for the electric to be turned on without having the seller agree to compensate the agent at time of closing.

I explain to the agent,we need the electric to remain on until the day of closing so we may be able to do the “Final Walk Through”, the agent doesn`t understand and starts complaining that he can`t afford to “Keep the electricity” on!

I remind him, it`s not his house, if the seller doesn`t want to assist in the sale, we`re moving on.

The Broker for the agent contacts our office, she`s old school and explains to me “We do things in our office out of the kindness of our hearts”. The Broker has been around for 20 years with “Old School” techniques that don`t work in the new world of Real Estate.

I ask the Broker, “How can she allow this to happen, the fact is a contract has been executed, the seller has responsibilities which is their problem, not the agent who`s job is not to start paying electric bills,what if the transaction doesn`t close, who reimburses the agent?”…

Her response is frightening “We like to help our clients in any way possible, if that means we have to pay for their electric bill we will without hesitation we don`t believe in doing things that may hurt the client,even if we lose money”.

Case#2: Weston,Florida.

Our agent is involved in a rental,the association informs us that the owner of the property is in arrears for 4 months.The Owner has not paid the maintenance, they won`t allow the tenant to move in.

We contact the agent who informs us our tenant can move in anyway, we`ll work around the association. I explain,it`s not in our clients interest to do so and as far as we`re concerned the lease is “null and void’.

Approximately 10 minutes later the Broker calls to tell me we have a signed lease! I explain to the Broker without the associations approval we have no lease! The Broker doesn`t want to hear that! It`s easier to lie and cheat the poor tenant.

Case#3: Pembroke Pines,Florida.

Short Sale.Agent representing the seller has been MIA for weeks, we send him and email with the closing date and time.He has not been informed,the closing is scheduled for next Wednesday. The agent calls our office complaining, we should have informed him sooner,he won`t be at the closing! I ask him why he never called the attorney for the seller and he freaks out!

That`s not my job he yells! I suggest, he speak to his Broker to find out,his responsibilities as the sellers agent.

He informs me,his Broker is too busy recruiting new agents for the company, she leaves everything to the agent to figure out on their own!

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